Garage Sale Prep

We’re aiming to have our garage sale the second Saturday of May. I hoping we’ll have better weather by then (ENOUGH ALREADY, Winter!) and free up our sun porch which is currently our storage area for all garage sale items to use for non-crap-piling purposes.

Our sale items thus far:

  • CDs – Last year I started the ambitious project of putting all my CDs onto a hard drive. It’s mostly done (just some burned CDs that I can’t sell are left). They are mostly classical and opera CDs or obscure Canadian artists so I don’t how well they’ll sell but I have about 250 CDs that need to go.
  • Baby Clothes – Adam has clothes he never wore. He has clothes that he received as gifts that for one reason or another aren’t appropriate for our family.
  • My Clothes – I packed up some clothes I never wore months ago with the intention of taking to the Sally Ann. I’ve also lost some weight and some things are way too big now.
  • Thomas’ Clothes – Considering Thomas wears black nearly every day and he hasn’t gotten rid of any clothes since high school, he may have an item or two.
  • Set of Dishes – We got them for our wedding but we’ve used them once. We have another set from our wedding that we could use if we ever had anyone over and we didn’t want to serve them coffee in a mug from an insurance company. It seems silly to have them take up space when we don’t really need them.
  • End tables, Lamps, CD tower – Small furnishings that we don’t need or have room for.
  • Christmas Items – Lights, cookie jars, tins. Just taking up space.
  • Board Games: Duplicates and games we don’t enjoy.
  • Kitchen Misc. – A soup tureen (who do we think we are?), a knife and plate specifically for serving cheese (again, who do we think we are?) and other odds and ends.
  • DVDs – Not many but handful of Baby/Kid DVDs which we won’t use.

I have found about $400 worth of “stuff”. I’m nearly at my goal of $500!

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One response to “Garage Sale Prep

  1. It looks like you’re getting rid of a lot of “stuff”! That’s awesome! Hoe you make some good $$! Update afterwards! Good luck! 🙂

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