Lenten Busy

Lent is a busy time for Thomas. He isn’t home much which means it’s hard for me to keep on top of things at home. Our dining room table is buried under laundry, dishes are piling up and I ate a brownie for lunch. We’re all sick, too. I’ve got school work, crafty projects, household lists and tasks. Grandma visiting, playdates, swimming lessons. Easter can’t come fast enough.

I also feel pretty rotten. We’re sick, yes, but the anemia is still kicking my butt. My mom (an RN who works with blood issues often) told me it takes 120 days to build red blood cells so it does take some time to feel better. Some days are good and some days are awful. Before I knew about my anemia, every day was rotten so I didn’t notice how bad I felt, you know?

Anyhoo, boo hoo for me. Let’s move on, shall we?



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One response to “Lenten Busy

  1. I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed too… so my goal s to catch up on everything and get some sort of a routine/schedule in my life!

    As for the anemia, that’s hard! Are you eating enough protein? Spinach s great for iron and cooking with cast iron helps too! Hope you’re feeling better soon! Hugs!

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