So so so glad to be back.

Easter derails our homelife more than any other time of year. Christmas is busy but everyone is busy at that time and the post-Christmas universal crash-and-hibernation seems to help us catch up to our regularly scheduled life. But Easter? Easter is a doozy. Thomas has more to do during Lent (on top of his ordinary manic schedule) and once Easter services roll around, he’s exhausted, I’m exhausted, the house is a wreck and because the community in general isn’t as invested in Easter, the world keeps hopping along.

What’s Kept Us Busy (In Part):

Adam had his “surgery” to clear his blocked tear-duct. The surgeon told us it’s so simple it’s really a “procedure” but because they’re poking a baby in the eye, Adam needed to be under a general anesthetic. We had to attend a pre-op clinic, had to arrive at the OR two hours before the “procedure” and needed to hand Adam over to a nurse, as he screamed and shrieked against this betrayal and was taken to be smothered by the doctor who had just played a game of peek-a-boo with him. His surgery was at 8:00 in the morning, took 10 minutes and we were back in the car at 8:45 and Adam was over it. There was a lot of anxiety leading up to it and we’re relieved it’s over and his eye is 95% better.

Yard work. We can’t afford to do more renovations in the house this summer, so we’ve been doing what we can in our overgrown yard. Thomas put in an ambitious vegetable garden and I filled in the spots of my herb garden where I didn’t have perennial herbs. We’re considering putting a fence in our front yard to give Adam a safer place to play. We plan on hacking away a lot of the bushy areas in the side and back in an attempt to get rid of some of the mosquitoes that are making the yard an awful place to be.

Adam’s Lack Of Sleep: He wasn’t too keen on the two naps so I nudged him towards one nap. He sleeps for a little over an hour in the morning and then is GO GO GO the rest of the day. He also had a rough patch in his nighttime sleeping. I think we’ve moved on and he seems to be back to waking only (haha) two or three times a night.

School Work. I’m trying to finish up my course by the end of July. It’s hard to find time to work when Adam is in bed and I’m not so exhausted that I can actually read and retain information. I’ve put together a schedule and am trying to power through.

The Unexpected. A good family friend of Thomas’ died rather unexpectedly and he made a very quick trip to Wisconsin to be with his mom. He had to drive there on Thursday, attended the funeral on Friday and came home on Saturday. The next day, Sunday is always busy for Thomas but it was also Father’s Day so he had an extra service. We’re still recovering. Phew.



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