Not Loving It

I love to read. Always have. My dad read for a living so he never read at home and even though he’s retired, still doesn’t. On the other hand, my mother loves to read and our house was always full of books. She had books from her parents and books she had when she was growing up. I have three older siblings who also love to read and had their libraries to choose from as well. It was strange selection, granted. Victorian children’s stories, history biographies, Canadian fiction, science fiction, romance novels. I read what was available and loved it.

Today, I still prefer non-fiction, especially World War II biographies and books on science and nature. I read knitting books, baby and childcare books, ancient etiquette books and since I’ve been home fulltime, I’ve been reading more on cooking, gardening, homemaking, budgeting and homeschooling. It’s a rare occasion that I read fiction and even less frequently new fiction.

My mother lends me the latest and supposedly greatest of the fiction top 10 and I suffer through them all. I attribute the nine months of pregnancy nausea in part to reading the entire Diana Gabaldon Outlander series. I have a hard time not finishing a book I don’t enjoy because I want to be able to say that I tried. I tried to like The Da Vinci Code and after reading through the sceenplay book, I can tell you exactly what I didn’t like. I tried to like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but after a few weeks of keeping track of the plot despite the obscene product placement and gratuitous violence, I can say with certainly that I didn’t like that one either.

There are other new books that I have enjoyed (The Help, The Birth House) but closing the book after that final page, I feel somewhat unsatisfied. There are so many great books. Books that have been around for years, decades, centuries that it seems unlikely that anything written in this relatively short lifespan of mine will be so perfect. There are only so many hours to read and I would rather read To Kill A Mockingbird one more time than the next release from New York Times best seller and/or Oprah’s Book Club.

Which book do you read again and again? Have you found some gems in today’s heap of new releases?



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3 responses to “Not Loving It

  1. I love reading too…. The Help I really enjoyed… I love Nichoas Sparks too, so romantic & bittersweet! Trying to think of what I’ve read lately that REALLY stuck with me but nothing Is coming to mind…

  2. Isabella

    Believe it or not, I love to read the “LIttle House” books again and again. (Although they are not entirely PC!) I hope to go through the series with my granddaughter when she is older. She spends every Friday night with us, and that will be our bedtime story.

    • Canadian Home

      Me too! I find I read them over the winter. “The Long Winter” is especially nice to read around February when everyone is sick of the weather and remembering how lucky we are.
      I love that series and sharing those stories with your granddaughter will be such a sweet memory for her!

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