Every two weeks or so, my mother drives up and takes Adam and I out to lunch and then on an adventure of some variety. Occasionally, we do something for Mama such as shopping at some distant outlet mall that I couldn’t get to on my own or browsing an antique store and sometimes we do something for Adam such as a playground, the beach or what-have-you.

Sometimes it’s something for both of us. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for awhile. It’s sort 0f/not really nearby but they’re only open on Wednesdays and Sundays, both days that Thomas is working and has the car. As this is our year of paying down debt we also have zero dollars to spend on anything fun, no matter how inexpensive. But my mother likes animals, too and I thought we’d all have fun.

And we did have fun! There aren’t many activities per se but there are many, many, MANY donkeys. Adam even forgot the indignity of being carried as he pointed at the donkeys – there! there! THERE!

He was absolutely thrilled that you could pet the donkeys, though he’s teething and kept sticking his fingers in his mouth so he’s probably contracted some exotic donkey disease. (The signs around the barnyard warned us NOT to touch donkeys and then your face and BTW if you get diarrhea with BLOOD, you should probably go to the doctor.)

I’m glad we went, though. The Donkey Sanctuary is a beautiful place and there are some very lucky donkeys living there.


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  1. Gosh, he’s getting so big!! That’s a good workout with him on your back!! lol! Looks like it was a fun time! 🙂

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