The Summer of the Digger

Like most toddlers, Adam has developed an interest in construction. Fortunately for him, the region is replacing the water mains on the street outside our house. We can see a digger (or excavator but what toddler can say that?) from our living room window. Occasionally, a forklift drives by with giant pipes. And this will go on until mid-September. He is beyond thrilled.

He’s also started hugging his toys, especially his teddy bear. Yesterday, he wanted to take his bear on our walk. So it makes sense that he wanted to share the joy of construction, too.



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5 responses to “The Summer of the Digger

  1. My girls love that too! We had a water main burst here a few weeks ago & the girls loved watching the big trucks, etc… 🙂

  2. My was able to name every kind of big truck/construction equipment out there when he was in preschool. We’d be driving down the road and he’d just comment on some big piece of machinery and we’d all just have to smile and nod, because we had no clue if he was right. It was hysterical.

    Btw… 2 things… first up, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your banner/header! I can’t believe they are going to be in Calgary and I’m not going to try to catch a glimpse! Second… my sincerest apologies for not having been around much the last few months. I’m working on getting back to my old bloggity self.

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