P.S. People in Somalia are starving.

I had heard some ridiculous chatter about a certain stroller awhile ago. Apparently, it’s the most expensive stroller ($1500) you can (or if you’re Canada, can’t buy) and unfortunately, it hasn’t gone away.

The Globe and Mail enlightens us with this interview:

“You go to your mom’s group,” she says, “and maybe you have your cheapo stroller and you realize not just that it doesn’t look like what the other moms’ strollers look like, but also, it’s not as functional,” she says. “You go for a walk afterwards and you see what your stroller isn’t doing. When you are ready to get another one, you think, I’m going to spend more money and get the one I saw that could do the corners – and she could lift up the stairs.”

We have two stroller, both were gifts. The stroller I’ve used from the beginning and have used every time I leave the house with Adam is this one:

(While I was searching for a picture of our stroller, I discovered that the colour combination is obnoxiously described as “Edamame.” For crying out loud, it’s green and brown.)

The other stroller is one of those $15 umbrella strollers that we had when were kids. We keep it in the car.

And you know what? I’ve lifted both up and down stairs. I’ ve maneuvered around corners. And I’ve managed in and out of buildings without needing someone to open loading doors (something I had to do once for someone with a stroller when I worked at a theatre). But it gets better:

“If you had your babies 20 years ago, you were pushing around a stroller with animal prints on it, wearing big sunglasses and praying that nobody saw you,” Toronto children’s retailer Karen Judd says. “Now, it’s ‘Hey, look what I’ve got. It matches my lifestyle.’ ”

I’ve never been ashamed of my stroller because that would be RIDICULOUS. I am not 11 years old. Granted, other moms have tried to point out this error of my “lifestyle”. I tried to join a walking group when Adam was wee and on the first walk, a mom said to me, “I’m not sure where we’ll be able to walk because… well, your stroller has such little wheels.” I was under the impression that we were taking a spin around the park, not off-roading or scaling rock walls. I left the group after the second week when the other moms in their Lulumon pants wouldn’t walk slower to accomodate an overweight mom pushing her double stroller.

Anyway, if you want your head to explode with rants, here’s the article.

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  1. Well, you & I both know that many people have more money than brains. 😉

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