Doing Better Than I Smell

Yesterday, the last day of my course contract (assignment unfinished) and the day after my mother-in-law went home, I smelled very very bad. I hadn’t showered in four days or so and it’s been quite hot, but still. After a few hours walking around in the sun, I realized that the tank top I was wearing was at the hop of the laundry heap, not because it had been worn, but because it had been worn and had a sopping wet toddler with a faulty diaper pressed against it. I remembered the yuck of realizing I was soaked with urine, but clearly not so traumatized that I forgot all about it when I scrounged for something to wear the next morning.

Now! My final assignment is done and sent, though my exam had not yet arrived to the invigilator on Friday so I’ve rescheduled for this Thursday. Thankfully, aside from some light reading, no studying is required for this exam, which is worth a measly 10% of my final grade so there is no great stress there. Considering I did 2/3 of the course work while sleeping very little, I am satisfied with my marks thus far.

It was lovely to sit in front of Jeeves & Wooster and knit last night without panicking about unfinished school work. Ahhh!


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