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Carla at My 1/2 Dozen Daily recently posted about a great deal at her local children’s museum. Coincidently, we were buying a membership at the Toronto Zoo that same day. We used to buy a membership before Adam came along and we loved the flexibility of visiting the zoo, even for a few hours without feeling like we had to get squeeze $60 worth of entertainment of the experience before we could call it a day. With a toddler, it’s even more important to feel that we can spend a couple hours and enjoy them and know that we can come back anytime.

Admission for Adam is free until he’s four so we bought the couple membership for $125. When Adam turns four, the family membership (up to 2 kids) is $145. Regular admission to the zoo is nearly $25 per adult so the membership is a good deal if we visit at least three times.

The membership includes admission for a year and the zoo is open every day except December 31. Some of our best zoo days were in the bleakest days of spring when the zoo was deserted. Some of the animals are off-display in the winter but the pavilions are toasty warm and the vibrant plants and flowers (not to mention the moist air) are a wonderful change to the grey slush of February.

We’re hoping to make our next zoo trip just after Labour Day. While everyone rushes back to school, we’ll be enjoying the zoo!



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2 responses to “Zoo zoo zoo

  1. My Beloved and I are planning, when the wee girl is a bit older, to get this pass-thingy called “experience Alberta” It’s $75 for the family for a year, and it gets you into all the cool historical and science related attractions around Alberta. Granted, there’s not much in our immediate vicinity, but we’re used to having to drive to Calgary or Edmonton to do fun stuff. I’m looking forward to sharing these places with Ginny.

  2. I love the TO zoo! I’d have a membership there if I lived closer to TO without doubt! Enjoy!!

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