Miss Sketchy Education

Our small town, like many Canadian small towns has a fall fair. A pet show, tractor pull and prizes for exemplary vegetables and handicrafts. We’ve haven’t attended the fair in the two years we’ve been here, but I hope we can this fall. I was perusing the brochure for contest categories when I came across the farewell message from Miss Small Town Fall Fair 2010. Keep in mind, Miss Small Town Fall Fair must be at least 16 years old, the fair adamently denies that this is a “beauty contest” and the winner was chosen based “on their ability to interact with other people and to speak in front of a group”.

Some horrifying excerpts:

The most important thing that I have learnt about myself is a lot about me.

One of my favorite experience’s during my time was at the Convention Centre; I enjoyed this for the reason that I learned how to be comfortable in new situations as well as learning about other people in different communities.

Another thing I enjoyed doing was helping out in the community, Doing events like the Santa Clause parade, the walk-a-thon, Fire Truck pull, and serving community brunch these events not only helped raise awareness to Miss Fall Fair, cancers and sick kids but I was proud to give my time to help with these events.

GOOD LORD. This person is almost done high school, for Pete’s sake. This would be charming if she were, say, SEVEN. Ignoring the abysmal writing, why didn’t the editor of the brochure correct her mistakes? What is going on, World???

Oh, homeschooling, how you comfort me. Surely, we can do better than this.



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2 responses to “Miss Sketchy Education

  1. lol! It’s like watching the real Mrs.Universe… Terrifying! lol!

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