Weekend Round-Up

My birthday was this past week and Thomas gave me awesome gifts. First, a book by a blogger that I have been reading since Ye Olde Internet days (2000) – Michelle Au at The Underwear Drawer. When I started reading her blog, she was a second year medical student. Now she’s married, has two kids and is a grown-up doctor and it has been so much fun following her through everything. I gather most of her readers are medical students or doctors, but she writes so well and she’s very funny and the blog is rarely super-doctory. I’m enjoying the book, too. It’s like the special features for a blog.

Thomas also found a very cool poster that I’ll share once we have it hanging on the wall. AND he gave me the first season of Mad About You and Toblerone chocolate. Spoiled, I am.

* * * * *

Thomas and I were discussing that we needed a new mattress. The one we had is about 10 years old. I was a student, it was the cheapest mattress IKEA sold – it’s amazing that it’s lived so long. But too many sweaty summers, too much leaking milk while breastfeeding and two not-so-tiny people sleeping on it made the mattress a saggy, stinky YUCK. I thought we’d put aside some extra money every month until Christmas or the New Year and find a sale.

Apparently, the cat overheard and felt this was an invitation to vomit profusely all over the bed. Whenever he’s not feeling well, he stays close to me so I can usually move him to a more barf-friendly surface before the inevitable eruption. The bed was clean at 11:00 a.m. and covered in vomit by 11:45. I didn’t hear it happen or I may have been able to save the mattress. Unfortunately, no.

So we cleaned up what we could – hello, our good friend Bissell Deep Cleaner! – and put a towel over the mattress for the past two nights.

We went to IKEA this morning and bought the third cheapest mattress (I’m moving up!) and deciding at the last moment to save ourselves the delivery fee, tied it to the top of our car with twine and used our belts looped together to form a strap that we held to keep the front from lifting. BTW, we never go to IKEA (an hour away) with any sort of preparation.

And yes, Thomas is buying a waterproof mattress pad as I type.

* * * * *

Our garden is giving, giving, giving! We’re eating green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, more tomatoes, green peppers, carrots and broccoli. I have beets in the freezer and this fall we’ll have squash and Brussels sprouts. Thomas does the real garden work and I am so thankful to have the fresh, very local produce.

* * * * *

Whew! I think we’re caught up. And how are YOU?



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3 responses to “Weekend Round-Up

  1. Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I used to lve Mad About You! Great gift! 🙂 Lucky girl!

    That’s great that you bought a new mattress! Sounds like it was WELL needed! Great idea to save delivery fee too! Our new washer Is costing us $60 to get delivered! Ugh!! 😛

  2. Very Merry Birthday my friend!!!

    So sorry that the mattress thing just sort of happened, but YAY for a new one! If it wasn’t for our ‘wedding money’ we would be sleeping in a 30 year old double bed (and my Beloved and I are big people). A good mattress is such a blessing.

  3. Canadian Home

    Luckily, we had some extra money that we were planning to use to build a fence. The fence will wait but a new mattress certainly wouldn’t. I spent less than $425 for the mattress and the (waterproof!) cover. I can live with that.

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