Home Tour – The Kitchen

I thought it would be fun to do share our homes during these last few days of summer, before that September rush of plans and good intentions. Join in if you’d like!

Our kitchen is teeny-tiny. It is also our laundry room. There’s a room at the back of the house that was a mudroom/canning room/place-to-pile-junk room that is very slowly becoming our new kitchen. Until that happens, I am thankful to have a functioning kitchen. But it isn’t without problems.

This is the full kitchen:

You can see the washing machine at the back. When we moved in there was a wringer washer. My mother actually used a wringer washer when she was first married and offered to show me how to use it. Um, no. Even my father thought that was crazy. His mother had used a washing BOARD so I’m sure a wringer washer seemed fine and dandy for his new bride but he has grown wiser. Electricity and automation is a good thing. They were buying a new set so they gave us their old washer and are holding onto the dryer for us until we’re done the kitchen/laundry room renovation. The dryer we have (in the front, on your right) is an apartment size dryer. I hang some of our laundry so the size doesn’t really bother me.

The top cupboards hold our dishes, pots and pans and some food. The bottom cupboards are awful. The whole house was filthy when we moved in but these cupboards are beyond anything I have ever seen. I felt I would never get them clean enough to hold anything that I would ever want to touch again so at first I just ignored them. I needed the storage, though, so now I keep laundry detergent and cleaning supplies under there.

The containers on top of the dryer hold (from bottom up): potatoes, onions, Adam’s cups, bowls, spoons and the top container holds dish towels. The box on top has been added this month to hold rippening garden goodies.

This is the other end of our kitchen. The hutch is useful for extra storage. The window doesn’t open to outside but onto our sun porch and the cat has a happy summer going in and out. The fan is a necessity when cooking because I don’t have an exhaust fan. And that’s Adam, playing with a bottle of vinegar and water.

Even though our kitchen is teeny-tiny, I was frustrated moving around so much whenever I cooked. I gathered what I use most and put it in one of those boxes that hold mandarin oranges, using mason jars to separate cutlery, measuring cups, etc. The little Limoges cup holds salt. I found it at a bazaar when we were working in a well-to-do parish.

Our stove. This gives you an idea of how close the stove and the washing machine are. A garbage JUST fits between the two and the kitchen broom is crammed behind the garbage. By the by, I have had that 1000 foot roll of Vitawrap since at least 2000. My mother bought it from a co-worker who was selling it for her kid’s fundraiser. I’m sure the roll is magical because I use it all the time and am nowhere near running out. I’ll let you know.

See the spice jar at a jaunty angle? That’s cumin. And that is to remind me when I add cinnamon to the coffee in the morning that cumin is not cinnamon. Such a befuddling has happened several times and cumin coffee is not delicious.

Lastly, our ugly floor. It must be the first linoleum ever made and it is meant to be waxed. It hasn’t been waxed in years so the filth has sunk into the floor and any liquids, meant to clean and otherwise, are absorbed. I should really wax it to seal in the filth, if nothing else. I have a floor buffer for our hardwood that belonged to my mother and her mother before her but the work involved to clean, wax and buff seems worth it for 100 year old hardwood. But this floor? It’s hard to get motivated.

That’s my kitchen! Do you love your kitchen? What would you change?


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4 responses to “Home Tour – The Kitchen

  1. This is a great idea… In comparison with the kitchen we had in the apartment we lived in when we were first married, I LOVE my kitchen. That dumpy old place had 1970s carpet in the kitchen and a leaky dishwasher (terrible combo… hence we rarely used the dishwasher).

    I daydream about the day when I will have more than a galley kitchen, but in reality I have a pretty nice little kitchen. Newer cupboards, and a new stove that we bought last year. The only thing, other than the amount of storage and counter space, that I would change would be the countertops themselves. Yes I dream of granite or some sort of stone countertops, but really, I just want something other than the white-ish laminate that shows every speck of dirt and stains super easily.

  2. Ok, I honestly lol’ed at your “cumin coffee” comment! That’s totally something I would do! lol! You do have a tiny kitchen but it looks like you’ve made the most of it! 🙂 A wringer washer?! Ummm… No. 😛 Gotta agree with you there!! 😉

  3. Ps – I loved this post & will play along tomorrow! 🙂

  4. Wow, you win the award on the tiniest kitchen I have ever seen, your use of the space is remarkable. Good luck on the addition. I wouldn’t touch the floor, just throw a rug on it an call it good. Now the wringer washer I would totaly go for, think that would be super cool!

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