Home Tour – The Living Room

Our tour continues…

Our living room is one of two front rooms (the other is our library… coming soon!).

This room is in the oldest part of our house, built around 1890. When we moved in, we had to gut all of this because there was still knob-and-tube wiring and no insulation. There was a disgusting, filthy, pee-smelling, green shag carpet on the floor, which was one of the first things that we dragged out and threw away. The lovely hardwood floor was underneath. We still have the original trim which we want to strip and paint but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

The TV is in the cabinet and our DVDs are safely locked out of reach in the bottom cabinet. We don’t have cable so we watch a lot of DVDs. The shelf is full of children’s books, most of which are a bit too old for Adam. His current books are in the library with our books.

We acquired the pink loveseat while we were working at our well-to-do parish. A parishioner died and her son brought over some furniture for the upcoming bazaar. The ladies organizing the bazaar didn’t want to deal with selling furniture so they offered this loveseat and another (which lives in Thomas’ office) to us. Pretty fancy for a church bazaar but this parishioner also had oil paintings done of her children. Our TV also came from a parishioner who was upgrading to a larger TV and the side tables came from parishioners that were downsizing into a condo.

My piano is behind the sofa. My music (for piano and for French horn) is on the shelf with my knitting books and Thomas’ CDs. I downloaded all my music last year and freecycled my CDs. The cat’s bed is tucked behind the piano and he hides there away from the toddler chaos.

While I was taking these pictures, Adam joined in the fun.

He’s a genius!


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  1. Love your living room! It’s very “comfortable & homey” feeling… Mine looks bare next to yours. lol! I’ll post mine in the next day or two… really enjoying these posts! 🙂

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