Homeschool Plans

Even though Adam is only 18 months old, we plan to homeschool and it will be a new experience for us so I’m beginning to make plans. It takes me some time to learn something new (a trait Adam comes by honestly, i.e. sleeping through the night… ahem) and it helps if I work as I go, so I’m doing some loose outlining of our days.

Here are our September plans:

Focus Topics:

apples, African animals


church baby group (every other week), Early Years Centre (twice a week), visit the library (once a week), a trip to an orchard, a trip to the zoo

Nursery Rhymes (a Waldorf approach):

There were two black birds

Sitting on a hill,

The one named Jack,

The other named Jill.

Fly away, Jack!

Fly away, Jill!

Come again, Jack!

Come again, Jill!

Sing a song of sixpence,

A pocket full of rye;

Four and twenty blackbirds

Baked in a pie!

When the pie was opened

The birds began to sing;

Wasn’t that a dainty dish

To set before the king?


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