Second Hand Books

Thomas was cleaning out irrelevent and inappropriate books from the church library yesterday and digging through the reject pile, I found this – The Well-Tempered Sentence: A Punctuation Handbook for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed by Karen Elizabeth Gordon.

The book offers rules of punctuation with the best examples ever. Some of my favourites:

  • The truth of her chequing account was mysterious and awkward and sad.
  • Her hands being cold, she plunged them into her inadequate pockets and tried to appreciate the snowstorm as an elemental treat.
  • The disconsolate child picked up the rubber remnants of his glorious red balloon and felt, in the flabby skin of such pathos, a darkness in the depths of his rubber soul.
  • Skimming along the water was a cement truck full of mice.

Books like this jem are one of my favourites things about looking through second-hand books. I have so many weird and wonderful books. Thomas and I have decided that instead of buying each other anniversary gifts this year, we’ll go to one of the university second-hand book sales in The Big City. Browsing among the piles and boxes of dusty books was one of our favourite activities before we bought a house and a had baby and became poverty stricken ;).

I was called to work Election Day so that little paycheque will fund our Big City adventure. Now we need to find more rooms for books. Hmm…


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