Chicken and Lobster

I switched our cat to a better cat food. He’s getting older and was throwing up quite a bit and I thought a change of food was worth a try.

His old run-of-the-mill cat food:

$0.39 a small can, on sale, with coupons, ate one can a day/$0.39 a day

New and fancy, better food than we’re eating:

$3.19 a big can, never on sale, never any coupons, eats one can every four days/$0.80 a day

Twice the price but he has all but stopped throwing up and the quality of food is much better. Hopefully, we have a healthier cat, which will be a good investment long term.

I buy him a variety of flavours, combinations of chicken, beef, different seafoods because… well, I don’t know. I thought he would appreciate the change of pace? Over the last few months he has developed favourites and one particular least favourite: chicken and lobster.

The ungrateful wretch complains every time I put it out. He picks at it throughout the day and whines all night. I buy catfood once a month and I only noticed the preference this month so he’s stuck with a few cans. I understand he has his favourites (mainly fish) but DUDE, you’re eating LOBSTER. I had KD for lunch. Suck it up.

Rant over.

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  1. LOL!!! Awww… Poor kitty! 😉

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