22 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: One pair of maternity jeans which are a bit big but super comfortable. Mostly maternity shirts now.

Body Oddities: Very dry skin, very thirsty. Bad heartburn which I didn’t have last pregnancy.

Sleep: Most sleep issues are related to a very annoying cat. It’s getting harder to get comfortable, though.

Best Moment This Week: More baby squirmy-ness.

Worst Moment: Nothing terrible, thank goodness.

Movement: General squirmy-ness and some good kicks.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Very thirsty. Craving spicy foods and still disgusted by ground beef.

Rings: My wedding ring is still loose.

Gender: We’re not finding out but I think it’s a boy.

Intense Dreams: Dreaming about mundane conversations between Thomas and I. I wake up and wonder if we really talked about the contents of my mother’s pantry.

Medical Concerns: Not at the moment.

What I Miss: Still wine.

What I Look Forward To: Getting through my next OB appointment at the end of the month. This OB is different than the one I had with Adam. This practice takes A LOT of time with each mom, which is a nice thing to do but my first appointment was an hour late and I was in the examination room for 45 minutes. My last OB had his nurse find the heartbeat, he came in to feel the position, asked “Any questions?” and was gone. It was awesome (and on time).

Emotional State: Good!



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4 responses to “22 Weeks

  1. Heartburn = Lots of hair! (in my case it was true every time!)

  2. Canadian Home

    I hope so! Adam was peachy until… well, NOW.

  3. I agree… heartburn means lots of hair! I had horrible heartburn with Ginny (and she was born with a full head of dark hair). I’ve been on my prescription heartburn meds ever since, but I’m finding lately that I’m still getting it, even with the meds. And if I forget to take one, then I’m in serious trouble.

    Most of my dreams seem to center around whatever I’ve been watching on tv recently… which can make for an odd mix. Antiques Roadshow combined with Big Bang Theory combined with Fringe. Yikes!

  4. Canadian Home

    I’m holding you ladies to this… this baby WILL have hair!

    My dreams are so less intense this time around. With Adam, everything I saw or thought or read ever made a nocturnal appearance. It was exhausting!

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