23 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a larger size in pants and my smallest pair of maternity pants aren’t baggy anymore.

Body Oddities: Very dry skin, very thirsty. Worse heartburn and regular antacids aren’t helping much. Leg cramps, very sore joints, especially in the morning.

Sleep: It’s harder to get comfortable. I can’t sleep on my stomach at the start of the night, though by morning I usually can.

Best Moment This Week: Feeling baby kicks from the outside.

Worst Moment: The pain, the achiness, a renewed fatigue.

Movement: I notice movement in the evenings when I can sit down for a stretch of time. And at bedtime.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Citrus fruit sounds sooooo good all the time. Ground beef is still disgusting.

Rings: My wedding ring is still loose.

Gender: We’re not finding out but I think it’s a boy.

Intense Dreams: In my early 20s I had dreams of incredible rage, usually centred around feeling ignored or dismissed. I’ve had a few of those lately which is weird because it’s been over a decade since the last dream like it.

Medical Concerns: Remembering going to the ER at 24 weeks with Adam because I couldn’t stop throwing up and I was having contractions. An ultrasound showed a shortened cervix, which thankfully didn’t turn into anything more serious. I’m hoping they got a good measurement of my cervix at my last ultrasound.

What I Miss: Getting into bed and getting comfortable.

What I Look Forward To: My OB appointment on Tuesday and hearing that everything is OK.

Emotional State: Tired but good.


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