Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Joining Carla‘s Sunday Night Chit-Chat!

A picture from trip to the zoo last summer. Remember t-shirts? Shorts?

Reading? A biography of Elizabeth I. The only time I have to read is before bed when I’m exhausted so this has been a long haul, a few pages at a time.

Watching? The Pro Bowl. For Thomas’ Christmas present, I rearranged the budget and down-graded our phone package so I could order very basic cable so Thomas could watch football. And because we have our phone, Internet and now cable from the same company, they offered us a free DVR for 24 months. We don’t have to remember to set the VCR (old skool!) to tape Time Team anymore!

Listening To? Our unbelievably loud furnace. Geez Louise.

Cooking/Baking? No immediate plans. Adam and I have been having pancakes for breakfast WAY too often lately so baking seems like a bit much after all that floury, maply syrupy goodness.

Happy you accomplished this week? Finally finished Adam’s scarf to match his mama-made mittens and hat.

Looking forward to next week? My OB appointment.

Thankful for today? Food in the fridge and warm boots.



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2 responses to “Sunday Night Chit-Chat

  1. Tshirts, shorts?! Way are those?? 😉 lol! A free DVR for a couple years is a sweet deal! Awesome!!

  2. When we downgraded our cable we had to make some trade offs… got a free DVR but no more CFL for my Beloved (it’s only on TSN). I honestly don’t know how I lived between when our old VCR died and getting a DVR tho. I use it constantly, even with pitiful cable. I watch a lot of public television now.

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