New Boots

When we lived in the Big City, I hardly ever wore winter boots. The sidewalks were always shoveled and transit came along so frequently that I was never standing outside for long. The pair of boots I had were slightly too small (I bought them when I was 16) but they worked when I really needed to wear boots.

Now that we’re out in the boonies and I walk everywhere, replacing the sad boots of my teens seemed like a good idea. My mother gave me $100 gift card for Christmas and as lucky would have it, the store had a clearance sale on boots the same week we got a decent snowfall. The store has a scant selection of boots and I must have the most common shoe size ever so there wasn’t much of choice. A choice of two, actually and the other pair was way too loose around my calves. This is what I bought:

Regular price: $149.99. Sale price: $89.99. Total with tax: $101.69. I used my Christmas gift card and the rest came off yet another gift card I had. So FREE! And hopefully, these boots will also last 17 years.



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2 responses to “New Boots

  1. Great (and smart!) boots!! 🙂 And at $1 out of pocket, can’t go wrong!!

  2. That’s awesome! I have contemplated getting boots again (haven’t had any since jr. high school) but I always seem to make it through the winter without them. If I got a decent pair, maybe I wouldn’t feel as scared of falling all the time.

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