Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge

I’m joining Carla‘s Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge!

I love blog challenges, especially in the gloom of February.

Low Spend Challenge Week #1

My mother-in-law is visiting for a few days and it’s Adam’s birthday and in order to make it through until our next pay period (the 15th), I have about $50 for groceries. A challenge, indeed! I do have a $25 gift card for a grocery store, though so I’ll use that for Adam’s birthday food (to feed five adults) and do what I can to stretch the $50 for our regular groceries.

The Birthday Plan

Lasagna: Either buy tomato sauce, noodles, cheese and veggies OR if I find a premade lasagna that works out cheaper, I’ll buy that.

Caesar Salad: I’ll have to buy the parmesan cheese and lettuce but I have the rest of the ingredients.

Brownies: I thought about cake but out of the five adults that are coming for lunch, I think only one of them actually likes cake. And I know Adam will be just as delighted with brownies, especially because he can help make them. I’ll need to buy more cocoa and I’ll buy some berries as well.

Regular Groceries

Using what I already have (which isn’t much), here’s my menu plan:

Thursday: cheesy hamburger noodles, peas

Friday: chicken tacos and salsa, rice

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: penne with tomato sauce, broccoli

Monday: roast beef, potatoes, carrots

Tuesday: chicken breasts, potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday: lasagna, caesar salad, brownies

We eat eggs, toast, cereal, yogurt and fruit for breakfast and Adam and I usually have leftovers for lunch.

I’ll need to buy: milk, eggs, bread, broccoli, potatoes, carrots, cereal, coffee, peanut butter, bananas, avocado

Decluttering Challenge Week #1: Personal Space

I’ve been in the process of clearing out my closet. Someone gave me some maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Adam that were too big so I know they won’t fit this time around. I cleared out some holey socks and some stretched out and worn out clothes. I got them out of them out of my closet… and that’s about it. For my challenge, I’m going to deal with the aftermath – donate some clothes, throw out some clothes and cut some up into rags.



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2 responses to “Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge

  1. I started decluttering a few weeks ago, and then got stalled. I need to get back to work on it. My goal for tomorrow… to install the risers that I bought for our bed. That way I will be able to store things from our closet under the bed (luggage, etc). I’m not looking forward to sorting through my craft supplies… they are out of control!

  2. No Frills had the BIG pans of No-Name Lasagna on sale… I think brownies for a birthday are awesome! I’m not a cake person either really…

    Good luck with your budget & your Decluttering! 🙂 I’m glad you’re posting again too! 🙂

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