24 Weeks and Misc.

Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes. I’ve grown a lot in the last four weeks.

Body Oddities: Very dry skin, very thirsty. Heart burn, leg cramps, sore joints.

Sleep: I’m getting used to not sleeping on my stomach but my joints get very sore and the leg cramps are waking me up, too.

Best Moment This Week: A speedy OB appointment! The nurse was new and apologized for taking so much time. Ha! We were out within 30 minutes of our appointment time! Woo!

Worst Moment This Week: After waking up all night because of the stupid cat, waking up yet again because of a horrible leg cramp.

Movement: Predictably in the evenings.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Mostly gone… for now.

Rings: Still loose.

Gender: We’re not finding out but I think it’s a boy.

Intense Dreams: Not this week but I don’t think I slept well enough to dream.

Medical Concerns: I feel better this week.

What I Miss: Walking like a normal person.

What I Look Forward To: Adam’s birthday next week!

Emotional State: Good!

* * * * *

Low Spend Challenge Update: I spent $10.61 on groceries yesterday. I have to buy more today at a different grocery store. Hopefully, I can stay under budget.

Decluttering Challenge Update: I’m hauling out all the bits and pieces I pulled from my closet and will sort it out tonight. Pictures to come!



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2 responses to “24 Weeks and Misc.

  1. I was never comfortable when I was pregnant… and hated wearing bigger clothes! lol! Great job with your spending & Decluttering! I’m hoping for a no-spend day today!

  2. I’m struggling with finding a comfortable position for sleep… between my messed up neck/shoulder and the Halfling, I am tossing and turning all night long. I’ve tried sleeping with my body pillow (it really helped last time) but it just seems to get in the way this time…

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