Decluttering and Low Spend Week 1 Complete!

Low Spend Challenge Week 1

Meh. As I mentioned in my update, I ended up buying groceries for two weeks instead of one. I’m still on budget – I have $16.82 until Wednesday, which should be fine because I think we just need milk and bananas.

For Adam’s birthday, I went $5.24 over my gift certificate. I bought a lasagna that had the directions on the inside of the package. When I opened the package, I realized it would need to cook for TWO HOURS, time I did not have. I made pizza instead. So instead of $8.99 for the lasagna, we ate two $3.99 pizzas. We have enough lettuce and caesar dressing left over for dinner tonight and some bread, parmesan cheese and of course, a huge lasagna. So I went over but bought a bit too much. It’s nice to know for next year that I could do a birthday lunch for $25.

Decluttering Challenge Week #1: Personal Space

I completely this before my mother-in-law arrived but didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to explain why I was taking pictures of trash.


A selection of clothes pulled from my closet plus other clothes heaped upon the heap because I was too lazy to hang them up properly.


A bag of new rags and…

… two bags to take donate.



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3 responses to “Decluttering and Low Spend Week 1 Complete!

  1. Good job!! Sorry about the lasagna, they do usually take quite a while to cook. Some people think bloggers are nuts huh?! lol! If I see people taking pics of stupid stuff I just assume they blog…lol!

  2. I get laughed at all the time for all the pics of food I have on my camera. It takes some quick talking when my family comes across them when I’m showing off pics of Ginny.

    Frozen lasagnas do tend to take a while to cook, but it sounds like you did really well with the recovery! I need to get on my decluttering so badly. How do you work on that kind of thing with a little guy? Ginny is always getting into whatever I am sorting/decluttering and making it twice as much work.

    • Canadian Home

      I couldn’t get anything done until Adam was about 18 months and it got better as he got older. If I want to organize something, I’ll dump everything on the dining room table where he can’t reach it (very well). It takes longer with him running around but it is possible now.

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