Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge

Low Spend Challenge Week #2

I think this will be pretty easy because it’s the last week before our (monthly) pay day and this is the week that we have strange meals, using up what we have. I have $16.82 for milk and produce for this week.

Here’s our menu plan:

Thursday: lasagna, caesar salad, bread

Friday: pork souvlaki, rice, peas

Saturday: roast chicken, stuffing, cranberries, broccoli

Sunday: shepherd’s pie, carrots

Monday: pasta with meaty tomato sauce

Tuesday: chili

Wednesday: Undecided, as I’ll probably be grocery shopping that day.

To make more of this week, I’ve decided to rough out a menu plan for next month, working with a new grocery budget.

Decluttering Challenge Week #2: Family Space

Our family space is our combination/family room. Because Adam and I spend almost all of time in that space, I have oodles of time to declutter and it isn’t much a problem.

Our dining room on the other hand, stores a lot of our… well, stuff. Crafty supplies, board games, office supplies, our new stove (from IKEA’s As-Is room!), Adam’s art easel, our temporary coat closet with our winter wear, in addition to our dining room furniture. I’m going to hunt out the hidden clutter – in boxes, in drawers. Look out, Clutter!



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2 responses to “Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge

  1. our kitchen table is our catch all place. I try to clean it off then things appear out of no where back on it!!!


  2. Your menu plan sounds good! Good luck with the Decluttering!! 🙂

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