25 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: When I go out, yes. When I’m home, I have plenty of regular stretchy fleecy pants to wear.

Body Oddities: More leg cramps, more heartburn, more soreness.

Sleep: Getting better-ish.

Best Moment This Week: Adam’s birthday!

Worst Moment This Week: The chilly turn in the weather. We’ll be stuck inside again.

Movement: Mostly in the evenings.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I really want poutine. Really. Want.

Rings: Still loose, though I had some slight puffiness yesterday afternoon.

Gender: I still think it’s a boy. I’ll be pretty shocked if it’s a girl.

Intense Dreams: Nothing that I can remember.

Medical Concerns: I had a cramp twice this week that hurt in a contraction-like area but wasn’t a contraction. Very odd. Maybe the baby rearranged some of my organs.

What I Miss: Not being so physically tired and sore by mid-afternoon.

What I Look Forward To: Is it too early to look forward to spring?

Emotional State: Good!


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