Decluttering and Low Spend Challenge

Low Spend Challenge Week #2

I had $16.82 for milk and produce last week and spent… $16.05. Woo!

The second part of my challenge was to create a new budget for our groceries. While the new budget is VERY specific, I’m finding it easier to shop. Because I know exactly what I’m buying and what I can spend on each item, it’s an easy decision. It fits the budget or it doesn’t. Easy-peasy.

I’ve set aside $100/month for cat food, cat litter, diapers, laundry soap and dish soap. That budget is broken down even further for each item.

I’ve set aside $100/week for food. Our freezers are almost empty – we’ve used up all the frozen meat and bread. So my new budget doesn’t rely on a stockpile. (For personal items – shampoo, razors, soap, etc. – we’ve been using up what we have for two years and still going.)

Second part of my challenge… complete!

Decluttering Challenge Week #2: Family Space

I didn’t think digging through the storage in our dining room would produce much clutter. Boy, was I wrong. I cleared out a lot of boxes but I’ll share one.

Office supplies, before:

Some items were relocated to a more useful spot, I recycled A LOT of paper (old grocery lists, old notes, etc.) and I threw away some plain old junk.

Office supplies, after:

For every box or shelf I sorted, I think I found about one plastic bag of junk to throw away. Who knew?


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  1. I really need to figure out my budget for March..I’d like to replenish my EF as we bought a new Tv & my inhaler needed refilled to the tune of almost $200.00! 😦 Your dining room looks great!! 🙂

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