26 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: Um… sometimes. Sometimes my maternity pants are clownishly loose so I go back to wearing bigger regular clothes. Always wearing maternity shirts or huge sweaters.

Body Oddities: Sciatica! I didn’t have this during my pregnancy with Adam but during labour, he must have pressing on the nerve because the pain is very familiar.

Sleep: Adam has had a few bad nights so I’ve been up and down a lot.

Best Moment This Week: Adam had a few bad days last week but now he seems back to his cheery self. Thank goodness.

Worst Moment This Week: Overdoing it at an indoor playground and feeling very very sore afterwards.

Movement: Getting stronger. Sometimes I can see my belly move.

Food Cravings/Aversions: We’ve been watching You Gotta Eat Here too much. I want poutine all the time. And fish.

Rings: Still loose.

Gender: I’m convinced it’s a boy.

Intense Dreams: I don’t think I’ve slept long enough in a stretch to dream.

Medical Concerns: Not right now, thank goodness.

What I Miss: Being able to lift things, crawl around with Adam.

What I Look Forward To: Warm weather and planting our garden.

Emotional State: Good!


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