27 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: Almost always.

Body Oddities: Oh, dear. So much pain. I’m sore everywhere, all the time. Heartburn is back, too.

Sleep: Awful. Adam is waking up once a night, the cat is being a jerk, I’m so sore and any way I sleep makes it worse.

Best Moment This Week: Any stretch of uninterrupted sleep.

Worst Moment This Week: Being so sore that it’s hard to pick up Adam.

Movement: Lots. I think the baby has turned vertically.

Food Cravings/Aversions: … Maybe I just always want poutine. And Shamrock Shakes!

Rings: Still loose.

Gender: I think it’s a boy.

Intense Dreams: Ha.

Medical Concerns: Not at the moment, thank goodness.

What I Miss: Wine to go with my whine.

What I Look Forward To: Nap time.

Emotional State: Um… Pity Party.



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2 responses to “27 Weeks

  1. At least you’re in the last half now, baby will be here before you know it!! 🙂

  2. OMG… shamrock shakes! I’m going to have to miss out on them this year!! **pout**

    Hoping the pain gets better…

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