28 Weeks

I missed my 28 week update yesterday. Odd, as I had my 28 week OB appointment earlier in the week. I got to drink my disgusting orange drink, irritated the lab technicians with my existence and met the second of five doctors that may deliver my baby.

The doctor I’ve been assigned to has his own office in the medical building and a very cramped waiting room. Overflowing with pregnant ladies and their partners and toddlers, it’s safer to wait in the hall. (An aside: I gave birth to Adam in a very affluent community and Thomas was almost always the only person in the waiting room that wasn’t a pregnant woman. My new OB is in a different city and we’re far from the only nerds that bring the whole family to each appointment. I’m not sure why it’s so different. Anyway.) The four other doctors in the practice share another office in the building. The waiting room is vast, there’s a toddler bead roller coaster-type toy with room for several kids to play, a coat rack – it’s AWESOME. The practice wants to me to rotate my appointments around with the doctors so I can meet them all but now I’m making my appointments based on waiting room comfort.



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2 responses to “28 Weeks

  1. LOL… I totally get the cramped waiting room situation. My new OB (took over in my old OB’s office) now shares her office space with a pediatrician. The waiting room is so cramped that there is no way I could bring Ginny in a stroller in there. There is a tiny little play area at one end of the waiting room, but in most cases you are sitting no more than two feet away from one of the reception desks (so you can’t help but overhear everyone’s everything), and if someone is standing at the desk to book an appointment or anything, their backside is pretty much in your face. Awkward!!!

    Hope the GTT test went well!

  2. Ohh.. I never had to drink that orange stuff, thank the good Lord above. LOL!! I think that would make me throw up, i`ve heard it`s disgustingly sweet. I find all waiting rooms are like this.. crazy isn`t it! Especially for a bunch of pregnant women! haha!!

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