32 Weeks

Maternity Clothes: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Though I’m still gaining weight, it’s slowed and my fundal height measurement hasn’t changed since 27 weeks. The maternity pants I wore during my last pregnancy are too big so I’ve been wearing pants I wore BEFORE my first pregnancy. I wearing a combination of maternity shirts and regular shirts that I’m stretching out and thus ruining.

Body Oddities: Just sore.

Sleep: I had to stop sleeping on my stomach during the last month. Lying on my side isn’t terrible comfortable and I have a hard time sleeping on my back. Also, Adam had a stretch of waking up several times a night in a panic after an ill-fated attempt to get him to fall asleep without us holding his hand.

Best Moment This Month: Lots of wiggling and the ability to tell what’s a hand and what’s a foot.

Worst Moment This Month: Finding out that my fundal height hasn’t changed since 27 weeks (when it was 27 cm). I’m having an ultrasound tomorrow to check the size of the baby.

Movement: Said wiggling. And turn. And thumping.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing related to the pregnancy. I have no excuses for eating so much chocolate.

Rings: I was retaining so much water during our “heat wave” that I took my wedding ring off. I could probably put it back on but I have occasional puffiness.

Gender: I’m sure it’s a boy.

Intense Dreams: With Adam’s frequent waking and our annoying cat, again, I’m not sleeping in long enough stretches to dream.

Medical Concerns: Worried about not growing very much. We’ll see what the ultrasound brings.

What I Miss: Being comfortable and being able to move around without so much effort.

What I Look Forward To: Despite the obvious concern, it’s nice to have an ultrasound this late in the pregnancy.

Emotional State: OK. I’ll feel better after tomorrow. I hope.


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2 responses to “32 Weeks

  1. Measurements are always iffy. Hang in there, hon. I’m praying that all goes well tomorrow at the u/s!!

  2. I always measured very small as well, never to where I should have been! I pray all goes well with the U/S, please update after the appt. 🙂

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