Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Baby 2.0 at 32 weeks.


James Howard Kunstler’s non-fiction is much better than this novel. But I’ve read enough that I feel I’m committed to finishing the book. Darn it.

Watching: Amazing Race!

Listening To: The baby monitor. Adam’s been trying to sleep with his foot at the end of his toddler bed and inevitably, he rolls over and falls out.

Knitting: A seed stitch blanket I’ve been working on for YEARS. When I’m tired but still want to sit in front of the TV, I turn to this very easy knitting.

Happy you accomplished this week: Sent in our tax returns and got an estimate on installing a gas line in our soon-to-be kitchen. Let the renovations begin!

Looking forward to next week: A follow-up appointment for Adam’s speech therapy. In the last two weeks, he has a new word (“coco” for coconut) and four signs (“open”, “more”, “all done” and “help”).

Thankful for today: “Unofficial” good news from the ultrasound technician. The baby’s measurements looked good to her.

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3 responses to “Sunday Night Chit-Chat

  1. growingcravens

    I hate when you end up with a book that you feel obligated to finish, even if you aren’t really enjoying.

    I’m assuming that all went well with the u/s… and glad to hear that s/t is going well!

  2. I won’t finish a book I don’t like… lol! Happy to hear the babys size is good!! 🙂

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