Bad News In 3s

I’m waiting for the proverbial third in my current run of Bad Things.

You’ll remember our bird in the main line. Then my computer crashed in a spectacular way with a black screen and the dismaying message: No HDD Hard.

The good news: the plumber cleared out the line  and I got my computer going again (mostly) by uninstalling Windows Office.

The bad news: Paying the plumber $790.67 because of the bad direction of one dumb bird. And while I don’t use most of Windows Office, I have a love affair with Excel. I’ve done our budgeting with Excel for over eight years and have refined the spreadsheets to be exactly what I need them to be. I could buy the one program but we don’t have $139 to spare and my laptop is still dodgy and I’m trying to anticipate that some day soon, I won’t have access to a computer. Which means doing our budgeting on paper. Like an ANIMAL.




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4 responses to “Bad News In 3s

  1. Hopefully there won’t be a third! I budget on’s not so bad… 😉 lol!

  2. Ugh… I know what you mean. When my computer crapped out on me, I was so lost without it. I keep everything on here… to do lists, pics, financial stuff. Heck, even having to write my grocery list by hand was a pain in the butt.

    Hoping that the third thing doesn’t materialize.

  3. Check out Ashampoo Office Suite. It is completely 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and will open anything created in Office. It has all the same features but they all have different names…for example, Word is called TextMaker. For the next 7 days, to celebrate the company founder’s birthday, you can get any of their programs, including the Office Suite, for only $15.

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