Itchy Baby


I am the itchiest person on earth, so I wasn’t surprised that my boys turned out to itchy as well. I have had hives daily (some days, all day) since I was 12. I saw several doctors who took a stab at a diagnosis (I have dermographism which explains some of it) or cause or make any sense out of it and finally, we all gave up. It doesn’t bother me terribly, though it does look awful and people often make comments, such as, “What happened to your neck??” or “Did you hurt yourself?” I don’t take antihistamines because it makes the reaction look much redder and thus appear more painful and thus induce more comments, but as I said it doesn’t bother me all that much. It did get me out of gym class for many years.

So no big surprise that both my boys have been Babies of Rashes. Adam had terrible eczema as a baby, especially on his face. Thankfully, much of it has cleared up, though occasionally he’ll get a spot on his arms, legs or back.

Peter, on the other hand, is taking rashes to a whole new level. At his doctor’s appointment today, she declared the rash on his arms and chest to be eczema (it looks much different than Adam’s but that’s how babies trick you) but his diaper rash had her stumped. It isn’t TERRIBLE. But it is persistent and not where you would think it would be. I think she was stalling for time when she asked if I was changing his diaper (“No, not at all. We keep him in it until it falls off.”). Finally, she wrote me a prescription, which she vaguely described as cream. When I looked at the prescription later, I saw that she had ordered a compound made of pretty much every diaper rash ointment that doctor’s usually dole out, presumably to try everything so something might work.

Passing on my ability to stump doctors with disturbing skin ailments to my children. It’s what motherhood is all about.



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2 responses to “Itchy Baby

  1. Oh poor baby and poor Mommy! Ginny’s eczema had been getting better, or so I thought, until the whole mosquito issue reared it’s ugly head. And poor wee Pip has some terrible rashes (eczema complicated with heat rash) around his ankles and elbows.

    Hoping and praying that it all gets better, or at least bearable, soon.

  2. I soo feel your pain. But your poor litte guys… 😦 I assume you use everything fragrance free? It’s horrible, especially in the summer!

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