Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Joining Carla’s Sunday Night Chit-Chat!


Reading? Home Schooling on a Shoe String.

Watching? Something from the DVR. I tend to set recordings late at night when I’m super tired and a) forget that I set the recording and b) set to record some very odd things. Last night we watching a Nova documentary about rats.

Listening to? A purring cat.

Cooking/Baking? I baked bread this afternoon using a new recipe. It tastes better but it takes a lot longer to make than our last recipe.

Happy you accomplished this week? Um, a lot of laundry? Considering what we need to get done, I don’t feel like I’ve done much at all.

Looking forward to next week? Enjoying the nice (cooler) weather.

Thankful for today? That we can homeschool. Thankful today and every day.

As a famous athlete, you are offered a $500,000 endorsement to promote a product that you dislike and would NEVER use. Do you endorse it? First, even imagining that I could be any sort of athlete is staggering, but suspending disbelief, it would depend on the product. Selling diet pills? No. Selling a disgusting cereal or ugly sunglasses? Sure. I think endorsements are part of the “business” of being an competitive athlete.


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  1. Cooler? Could you send some of that our way? The heat is just ramping back up around here. Ugh!

    I record totally random stuff off PBS too. There was a rather disturbing documentary on frogs about a week ago that gave me nightmares. 🙂 Gotta love it!

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