Happy Homemaker #19

I’m feeling Canadian:
Well, Ontarian, at least – waiting for my HST bribe cheque. The “harmonized” tax is going to screw us over big time, but since it is going to plow through regardless of what people think, I will happily take the cheque and add it to our savings. (Dalton McGuinty, you suck.)

One of my simple pleasures:

Browsing the library selection online, putting books on hold and having them ready for me to pick-up!

On my bedside table:

A selection of library books, a pair of baby socks that never made it to his feet, Vitamin D drops that baby just spits out and a lot of dust.

On the menu for tonight:
Hard to say. Tomorrow is the monthly pay day so the cupboards are awfully bare.

On my To-Do List:
Trim the bushes at the front of our property. They’re encroaching on the sidewalk and people must think we’re neglectful jerks. (They would be right.) Our new neighbours on the south side brought in an arborist to cut back the bush on their property. Way to raise the standard.

Bargoon(s) of the week:
Three boxes of granola bars, with coupons, two are FREE and one will be 97 cents!

Looking forward to:

Putting some extra money into our savings account. I was getting worried.

Something new this week:
Thomas’ first Father’s Day! As he’s working on Sunday (obviously), he’ll be pretty tired so I don’t expect we’ll do much. And I’m putting together a modest, but hopefully nice gift that he’ll enjoy.

On my prayer list:
For those with terminal illness, coming to terms with their end of life choices.



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2 responses to “Happy Homemaker #19

  1. I feel the same way (HST bribe cheque). Regardless of whether or not I like the idea of HST (I don’t), I’m just going to pocket the money and stick it into my savings.

    HAHAHAH…. I’m laughing at the arborist comment. I think my husband and I have the barest lawn on the street. People have lawn companies come to plant trees, mow their lawn (we don’t even have alot of land here – our houses are practically on top of each other!), landscape etc. We won’t fall for it and won’t compete with them. We have the yellowest grass on our street. And we’re proud of it. Who cares what the standard is LOL – we follow our own rules over here!

    • Canadian Home

      Be proud of your yellow grass! Our neighbours on the other side have a better looking garden, but they’re just as bad about cutting their grass. Thank goodness!

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